Stephanie Dray (stephdray) wrote in democratic,
Stephanie Dray

Chivalry is Dead for the Week Starting 10/22/06

Last week I put up a poll asking for votes to give a new name to this column.  I was partial to Full Tilt but since I believe in democracy, I shall bow to the majority and introduce Chivalry is Dead, my new column:

. My husband descends from a long line of old-world explorers.  He dreams of colonizing Mars or riding a space elevator.  This is because he is a trusting person and does not believe me when I tell him that space is evil. You don't have to watch Battlestar Galactica to know that what's out there is trying to kill us.  Take for example, the German senior citizen who was attacked by a meteor that destroyed his cottage and badly burned his face and hands. Imagine it.  One minute you're sipping your dark German beer in peace. The next minute a projectile from space is trying to burn your lederhosen off.  Space got the better of the dinosaurs and anyone who saw Armageddon or Deep Impact knows it could get the better of us too.

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